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Upgrading your computer

Upgrading your computer can give it a new lease of life.

Certain items can be add or changed to give your computer better performance.

For example most computer systems which were purchased in 2008, may have come with 256mb or 512mb of RAM so adding extra RAM will make it feel like a new computer system.

Microsoft issuing security and bug fixes on a weekly basis, this will increase the amount of RAM your computer needs to function leaving less RAM for you and your programs to use. Insufficient amounts of RAM can seriously hamper your computers performance.

Upgrading the RAM to 2gb or 4gb (1024mb = 1gb) can increase you computers responsiveness by 20% to 60% or even more.

If your computer is less than 18months old, it will more than likely be able to have a new Processor fitted, this is like having a bigger engine fitted to your car, more horsepower, faster performance.

Other things we can upgrade or add:-

  • Sata Hard drives
  • Solid State drives
  • USB 3 Interfaces
  • Firewire
  • TV Tuners
  • Soundcards
  • Blu-ray drive
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