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Buying a computer... part 1

What do you need to know when you decide to buy a new computer?

Well that all depends on what your requirements are; it’s really a catch 22 situation.  

We get asked all the time to supply customers with a quotation for a new computer and its a difficult thing to do without asking lots and lots of questions.

Laptops & liquids don't mix

** HELP ** I have spilt liquid in my laptop

What to do when the worst happens :-

  • Turn off your laptop IMMEDIATELY
  • Unplug the charger IMMEDIATELY
  • Take out the battery IMMEDIATELY
  • Drain any remaining liquid from your laptop
  • Place in a warm location like an airing cupboard for a good couple of days.
  • Make sure all liquid has been dried before testing
  • Or bring it along to us and we will strip it down and dry it out properly.
  • If it is a sticky liquid (wine / pop / Ribena) you may need a new keyboard

Phone Scams

Just thought I’d try and be helpful by letting you know that a phone scam from a couple of years ago is back again… This could cost you anything from £100 to £1000.

The Scam:

Custom built computers for total flexability
All our work is guaranteed - No fix, no fee
Free help and support
Remote technical support
Repairs - Upgrades - Virus removal - Networking - Diagnostics - Web sites - Help and support
Bullguard internet security £25 12 months protection for 3 computers

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